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Consultation and hearings complete.

The Draft Future Development Strategy consultation closed on Thursday 9th November 2023. Thank you to those who shared their views. The submissions were summarised in a report was prepared for the hearings and deliberations that took place in person and online on Monday 11 and Wednesday 13 December 2023. The full submissions are available under hearing documents.

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Webinars on the FDS

We hosted two webinars on the FDS, to share information about the FDS such as how it was created, what it means for you, and hold a Q&A with the FDS project team.

17 October: FDS Overview
This ‘FDS-101’ webinar, was for those who less familiar with the FDS to learn what it is all about and ask questions.
Click here to view the FDS Overview Webinar (17 Oct)

19 October: FDS – Dive into the Details
This ‘FDS-for-experts’ webinar, was aimed at professionals in the housing and planning sector with more technical questions.
Click here to view FDS Dive into Details Webinar (19 Oct)

Project Timeline

  • 9 October

    Consultation opens

  • 9 November

    Consultation Closed

  • 11 December


  • 19 March 2024

    Final FDS for approval

Hearing Documents & Links

Consultation Documents