Addressing the region’s growth-related housing challenges is a key focus for WRLC. An upcoming action to be delivered, under the recently approved Regional Housing Action Plan (RHAP), is a recommendation on how the councils and other partners to the WRLC could be structured to better deliver housing requirements, to oversee regional housing policy development and work with other partners to implement large scale transformational projects. 

To better understand our options the WRLC members and other local government councillors with the wider region recently held an online session with Eke Panuku (see Creating Amazing Places • Eke Panuku Development Auckland) and Urban Plus (see Home » Urban Plus) to see how both these entities operated. 

Here are a few things we learnt about Eke Panuku that we will consider when undertaking our analysis: 

  • Eke Panuku Development Auckland is the council-controlled organisation that delivers urban regeneration in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland). 
  • They work across many neighbourhoods throughout Auckland to meet the needs of the city’s long-term growth, including more types of homes people can afford. Projects range from large, long-term urban regeneration plans to small projects on specific sites. 
  • They work alongside other parts of the council, government organisations, businesses and locals to regenerate the city in ways that benefit both communities and Auckland as a whole, in doing so optimise returns for council, while also ensuring that buildings contribute positively to their neighbourhoods. 
  • Eke Panuku don’t build on land directly. Instead, they work with others such as government, iwi, and both not-for-profit and private organisations. 
  • They provide those they work with, with a strict set of rules, including creating buildings that benefit neighbourhoods and guaranteeing all homes are healthy, energy efficient and better for the environment. 

A few things we learnt from Urban Plus that will help inform our analysis:

  • Urban Plus are a Council Controlled Trading Organisation (CTO), wholly owned by Hutt City Council. It was established in June 2007 and has a Board of Directors. 
  • They own a portfolio of rental housing for the elderly throughout Lower Hutt (approximately 190 properties) and provide full tenancy management services for the portfolio. 
  • Their property development activity is centered around a commitment to delivering quality residential development projects that contribute to the urban growth of Lower Hutt.  They also continue to improve their own portfolio of rental housing through targeted regeneration and expansion projects.  
  • Urban Plus are involved in all facets of property development from basic greenfield subdivisions to full residential home construction and sale to the market. They acquire and develop land to provide a variety of housing options including medium density at affordable/market levels. They operate an in-house construction management option. 
  • Their developments are cyclical in nature.  They do not hold the properties but work with others who will purchase the properties e.g. community housing providers. 
  • Some wider outcomes they focus on include apprenticeships, working with mana whenua (e.g. for place names), working with the wider housing development community including and environmental considerations such as Homestar 6 rating options, EV chargers and solar options. 

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