Regional approach to climate change impacts assessment

Status Currently in phase 1 – consolidating existing information

Start Date

Due Date December 2022

Lead Organisation/s

Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council

Regional approach to climate change impacts assessment

What we’re doing

A Regional Climate Risk and Impacts Assessment will be completed so that a regionally consistent approach or methodology to assessing climate risks around the region can then be developed. The regional risk and opportunities assessment framework will be applied to growth activities, so inter-related risks can be assessed to natural ecosystems, physical assets and infrastructure, the economy and society (including human health, safety and well-being, and cultural life and identity). It will also be used to identify areas of retreat, protection and where to limit growth.

The story of the WRCCIA Project so far  (2min)

This two minute video introduces the WRCCIA team, what we aim to achieve, how we will work, and the desired outcomes for our region and it’s communities. We hope you find it useful and welcome your questions and comments.  


  1. Consolidate all existing climate impact assessment information, and identify any gaps
  2. Conduct the assessment, including a stakeholder engagement plan
  3. Create tools and ‘how to’ guides to support uptake of the methodology around the region