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  1. Workshops
    – 6 December 2021 Workshop – view the summary report here
  2. August 2022 Regional Snapshot REDP – view here
  3. A Regional Economic Development Plan – view here

Regional Economic Development Plan 2022-2032

The Regional Economic Development Plan has been developed to identify priority areas, initiatives and projects for the next 10 years. This plan has been developed with integration and coordination across multiple organisations.

The ultimate goal is to create more jobs and for Wellington to be more productive, resilient, inclusive, sustainable and support Māori and Pasifika to thrive (PRISM).

View the final plan here.


Phase 1 – insights and data
Collate, index and summarise more than 300 plans. Identify priority sectors and enablers. (completed)

Phase 2 – develop a regional economic development plan
Engage and confirm key sectors and enablers. Identify and prioritise high-impact regional economic initiatives.
Finalise the plan (completed)
June 2021-August 2022

Phase 3 – implement the plan
Support priority initiatives, ensure integration and co-ordination across multiple delivery agencies.
August 2022-2032