Status Complete – in implementation

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Lead Organisation

Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Wellington Regional Leadership Committee Secretariat


  1. Issues and Opportunities paper
  2. Regional Housing Action Plan 2022-2027 – click here to view
  3. Interactive regional housing dashboard for regularly updated housing information for the region
  4. Housing Delivery Model Options paper – click here to view

Regional Housing Action Plan

A lot of work is being done to address housing affordability and supply issues in the region, however this won’t deliver physical housing on-the-ground for another five years. This project is designed to address that gap, to explore how relevant organisations in the region can unite to positively impact the housing market, and to develop a short-term (five-year) region-wide housing action plan that includes a stocktake of current activity, and identifies actions to increase housing in the short term.

The project also focuses on how relevant organisations in the region can together positively impact the housing market