Status Underway

Start Date August 2022

Due Date

Lead Organisation

Upper Hutt City Council


  • Development of the structural plan including;
    • Background to plan
    • Identified Initiatives
    • Proposed action plan
  • Undertake engagement
    • Mana Whenua partnership during development
    • Engagement and collaboration with Crown
    • Engagement with the community

Upper Hutt Structure Plan

This project is designed to develop an integrated spatial plan aligning land use and infrastructure for well-functioning city growth. Key objectives include defining a city vision, guiding growth principles, addressing gaps, promoting sustainability, and creating a cross-council action plan. The project follows Future Development Strategy (FDS) outcomes, with timelines tied to FDS approval.


Our objective is to create a walkable, sustainable urban environment by analysing catchment areas, promoting active transport, and considering ecological and heritage constraints. We prioritise community engagement with mana whenua and local residents. Our goal is an approved strategy with specific KPIs, such as increasing open spaces with green or active transport connections.