Seminar: An Urban Design Toolkit for Enhanced Liveability

Presenter: Alan Whiteley - Head of Landscape Architecture & Urban Design, WSP

11:30-12:30pm, Wednesday July 31st, In person at GWRC and online.

This in-person seminar will be an opportunity to learn about the newly released Urban Design Toolkit for the Wellington Region – presented by Alan Whiteley, Head of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design at WSP.

The Urban Design Toolkit was commissioned by Greater Wellington as a way of supporting our communities to envision sustainable urban communities of the future – places that are more resilient, have a lighter impact on climate and environment, but also better deliver on people’s social, economic and cultural needs.

The Toolkit was developed to support the recently released Transport Emissions Reduction Pathway for the region, and there will be a brief outline of this strategy as part of the session.

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About the speaker

Alan Whiteley  

Alan is the Head of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design for WSP NZ. His experience comes through delivery of complex and large-scale projects in New Zealand, Middle East & UK. Alan’s key focus has been on residential and transport infrastructure projects in which systems-wide thinking has been paramount to the success of delivery.

His role at WSP ensures that a nature first, people focused approach to urban development can deliver the outcomes of densification whilst aligning with biophilic uplift. He is passionate about advocating for the value of green space in growing cities and how they positively impact people’s lives and the wider socio-environmental system.

Wellington Regional Leadership Committee

100 Cuba Street, Wellington
New Zealand

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