Inclusionary Housing

What is it and why should we take it seriously?

A Pathway Forward in Aotearoa New Zealand

Tuesday 20th February 2024


In this webinar, Deputy CEO of Community Housing Aotearoa Chris Glaudel, discussed the ‘what, why and how’ of Inclusionary Housing in Aotearoa, and how it offers a positive pathway forward out of our country’s housing crisis.

Affordable healthy homes are at the heart of strong communities. Like clean water, like hospitals, like transport, they are essential infrastructure in the lives of our people.  And yet, a lack of affordable healthy housing is one of the biggest challenges facing Aotearoa today.

Done well, inclusionary housing is a powerful lever to address our affordable housing shortage.

Presentation slides and Inclusionary Housing Paper

At the links below you will find Chris’ slides, as well as the recently-released paper by Community Housing Aotearoa in their series on Inclusionary Housing. This paper is useful background reading to the seminar.  Inclusionary Housing: A Pathway Forward in Aotearoa New Zealand examines the “why” and the “how” of IH in Aotearoa.


Chris Glaudel is the Deputy CEO with Community Housing Aotearoa. Chris has over 25 years of experience in community housing with core skills in housing finance, housing development, asset management and policy. As part of the team at Community Housing Aotearoa, Chris is responsible for the activities of Community Housing Solutions, it’s consulting subsidiary. CHS provides housing needs assessments, advice on housing strategy and policies, other services to housing providers, local and central government to increase the supply of affordable homes. An emphasis of his housing work has been assisting social service organisations to provide housing opportunities for persons experiencing homelessness and/or serious mental illness.

Prior experience in the US includes the development of more than 1,500 affordable ownership and rental homes in central California. He was also responsible for the asset management of 115 properties throughout California with over 5,000 units, all serving low-income households. His experience included advocating for and implementing Inclusionary Housing policies in several northern and central California cities. Chris relocated to Wellington, New Zealand with his family in January 2012 and joined CHA in November 2013.

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