Thought Leader Webinar:

Vision 2030: Building resiliently in the face of climate change 

~ Kim Aitken & Sharon Robinson

Tuesday 10:30am, 24 October 2023


This webinar was an insightful panel discussion with Sharon Robinson and Kim Aitken, subject matter experts in the areas of sustainability and construction innovation.

In this discussion Kim and Sharon presented a snapshot of the challenges and opportunities present due to the need to adapt our buildings for climate change, and discuss transformative shifts they foresee in New Zealand’s construction landscape.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction – Setting the stage for 2030.
  • The Offsite Space – Why Sharon and Kim believe in this approach in a New Zealand context and its significance.
  • Design Challenges Ahead – A look into the hurdles faced in the architectural design and building sector.
  • Collaborations & Opportunities – Harnessing collective efforts for a sustainable future.
  • Q&A Session – Engage with our experts.

Who Should Attend? This webinar was tailored for anyone passionate about positively shaping the future of our built environment. In a personal or professional capacity you’ll gain valuable insights into the future of building in a climate-conscious world.

About the presenters

Kim Aitken

Kim Aitken is the founder and co-director of Truss House, a New Zealand company on a mission to establish a global framework for cultural, social and economic equity in housing. Kim personally believes equity can be achieved if housing is community led, affordable, scalable and sustainable. A structural design engineering to entrepreneurship, she is passionate and relentless with deep domain expertise. Strong technical, building science, funding model and system disruption experience. Kim is currently working with the Construction Sector Accord as part of the industry working group. 


About Sharon Robinson

Sharon is the Designer and Director at Smart Living Spaces. Architectural Design with People and Planet in Mind.

She is focused on focused on Healthy, Comfortable Low Energy Homes and is passionate about sustainable and smart Architecture.  With over 20 years experience in Architecture, she is also a Certified Passive House Designer with Passivhaus Institute and Homestar Designer and Assessor with the New Zealand Green Building Council. She is also currently working with Offsite NZ and Sector Accord to assist the Offsite space get Building for Climate Change ready for 2030.

“Einstein said that the height of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. However I think we are at a time of such rapid change in all aspects of life, that I modified it. The height of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same result. As the world shifts its gears to embrace change around doing better and climate change, we all have a choice, be the change, chase the change or get left behind by the change.”

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