Grant Ennis: Illuminating Dark PR for a better future 


In this webinar, public health expert, lecturer and author Grant Ennis draws on his decades of experience working in the environmental, philanthropy, and public health sectors, to reveal and illuminate the extent to which multinationals engage in disinformation.

In doing so, he lifts the lid on the nine devious frames contained within the cross-industry corporate disinformation playbook: through denialism, normalisation, victim-blaming, multifactorialism, and a variety of other tried-and-tested tactics, to divert citizens’ attention away from the real causes of global problems, leading them into counter-productive blind-alley “solutions” like ethical consumerism and divestment.

Only by collectively organising to lobby our governments can we break this destructive cycle of lies and deadly incentives and reclaim control of our lives.

About Grant Ennis

Grant Ennis is the author of Dark PR: How Corporate Disinformation Undermines Our Health and the Environment. Grant has more than 20 years’ experience in international humanitarian affairs, environmental policy, and public health. He is a distinguished alumnus of both the University of the Pacific and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

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