Thought Leadership Webinar Series

Sustainable Transport: Equity, Ecological Overshoot, and solutions


Dr Bridget Doran gave a brief background to the root of the greatest threats to humanity in 2023 and coming years, and discussed the role of the transport sector in planning for a thriving future.

The transport-related section of her talk was structured around these five questions:

        1. What’s the goal of transport investment?
        2. What is the transport sector doing that needs to stop?
        3. What new measures and processes should we focus on?
        4. How do we genuinely work across sectors to retrofit good design, and to plan new communities? Insights into planning for growth in Greater Wellington while reducing vehicle-kilometres travelled.
        5. What’s next: continuing the korero


Bridget Doran is a Principal Researcher at MRCagney, based in Hamilton. She works on transport research, policy, and practice for a variety of government, university, and private sector clients around New Zealand. Bridget is a Chartered Engineer in transport with a doctorate in cognitive psychology, and has just completed a two year term as Chair of Engineering New Zealand’s Transportation Group. Bridget regularly presents on inclusive, safe and sustainable transport to audiences of professionals and community, with a focus on challenging us all to think about what ‘best practice’ means for the people we work with, and those we serve.

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