Thought Leadership Webinar:
Systems Thinking for Collaborative Impact
11am, Tuesday 28 February 2023

If you are interested in the psychology of – and some less common ways of working that go into – any organisational change, getting buy-in for a new initiative, or political license from the top tier – this webinar is a must watch.

The Wellington Regional Leadership Committee’s work programme exists within a complex system of interrelated issues and stakeholders, including iwi, councils, government ministers, central government agencies, businesses, communities and more. How then do we navigate this system to deliver the desired impact? 

In this talk, Rob Cousins, Innovation Manager at WorkSafe, discussed the following questions:

  • How do you ensure that individual businesses contribute to a bigger improvement or change?
  • What happens when you forget about system leadership and see everybody as part of creating how the system functions?
  • How do you make that make sense to somebody who’s got a very hands-on job at the sharp end?
  • What do you hold onto and what do you step away from in your work, what risks does this create, and how do you manage those?


Rob began working in commercial insurance in the UK, where he also was involved in leading expeditions for a youth development charity. In New Zealand he worked at MartinJenkins for 8 years. In this time he worked on a range of complex cross-government initiatives that required agencies to look beyond their own outcomes and work in more adaptive complex ways, including at ACC, the social sector, and Ministry of Transport. Rob is currently the Innovation Manager at WorkSafe.

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