Webinar: Urban Aotearoa

Is for everyone

Presenter: Dr David Batchelor, Partner - The Urbanery, Co-Editor of Aotearoa Urbanism

9:30-10:30am, Tuesday 6 August

Webinar description:

In this webinar, Dr David Batchelor will share his experience and insights on urbanism in Aotearoa.

Urban intensification is increasing the demand for the public to engage in optimising our cities as high-quality living spaces. Whether it be the design of front gardens, how we use our transport system, and which properties we purchase, the public’s positive response is critical.

Urban Aotearoa: The Future of Our Cities is the latest BWB Text and serves as a handbook for the public to engage in urban issues. Prepared by a range of contributors from across Aotearoa, it spans housing trends, Māori urban development, Pacific design, climate action, heritage and public space, and more. Its straightfoward and everyday approach to the urban conversation asks: what can urban development professionals do to empower the public to make positive contributions to our cities?

Tue, August 6, 2024  |  9:30AM – 10:30 AM

We look forward to having you join the conversation.

About the speaker

Dr David Batchelor  

Partner – The Urbanery
David is an urban planner, designer and researcher. He holds a PhD in Architecture from Victoria University of Wellington and conducts research about urban and heritage governance. He was the founder of the regional festival Wellington Heritage Week.

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