This is the largest PDA in the WRLC programme. Te Aro Growth Corridor (previously known as Let’s Get Welly Moving – LGWM) is a significant programme managed by Waka Kotahi in partnership with Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington, designed to work with the people of Wellington to improve our transport and create a more liveable city.

In a nutshell:

Over the next 30 years, 50,000 to 80,000 more people will call Wellington home. We need to start changing now to fix existing transport problems and support our city’s growing population.


For comprehensive timeline of this project’s origin and history: click here.

Te Aro Growth Corridor is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. It will provide more attractive travel choices and reshape how we live and get around. It will help reduce carbon emissions, make our city and region more compact and sustainable, and make Wellington a better place to be.

LGWM has its origins in 2014 in an MoU between Wellington City Council, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and Greater Wellington Regional Council, commencing a joint initiative focused on resolving transport problems in the city. Since then, it has grown into exactly what it’s name suggests: a city-wide programme touching on many aspects of the city, where multi-modal ‘moving’ needs improvement.

There will be better walking facilities, connected cycleways, and high-quality mass rapid transit, along with more reliable buses, improvements at the Basin Reserve and an extra Mt Victoria Tunnel.

These improvements will go hand-in-hand with planning and urban development changes to ensure we make the most of the $6.4 billion Let’s Get Wellington Moving investment.

The plan is large, complex, and ambitious. With projects as big as these, we need to take the time to investigate and plan carefully from the start. LGWM will be working closely with partners, stakeholders, and the community as each project is designed.

LGWM plan has three broad phases:

  • Three-year programme
  • City Streets
  • Longer-term programme

Projects in each phase are interlinked with the others. The earlier work in the Three-year programme and City Streets, is critical to support the longer-term projects. The phases get larger as LGWM progresses.

LGWM Projects

To achieve the aim of moving more people with fewer vehicles, LGWM is delivering a series of projects to provide more attractive travel choices, reduce carbon emissions and reshape how we live and get around.

Click here to view the LGWM projects, which are either in planning, in construction, or complete.

To view the Let’s Get Wellington Moving website, click here.