Secrets to Successful Cross-Sector Collaboration

Built Environment & Active Transport to School (BEATS) Research Programme

Speaker: Dr Sandra Mandic, Researcher, Programme Manager, Author

Many challenges faced by modern society require extensive partnerships and collaboration of organisations, teams and individuals from multiple disciplines and sectors. The BEATS Research Programme is a world-class example of a successful partnership and collaboration between academia, local government, schools and the wider community. 

Based in Dunedin between 2013 and 2023, the programme spanned the disciplines of exercise sciences, health, transport, environment and education. This award-winning, interdisciplinary and cross-sector research programme focused on examining adolescents’ travel to school. The programme was designed to advance scientific knowledge and provide service to the government, local community and schools.

In this talk, Dr Mandic will share insights and key findings from the exciting 10-year BEATS Research journey, from a pilot project to an internationally recognised and highly productive research programme. The power of cross-sectoral collaboration – linked with a shared vision, great teamwork, transformational leadership and strategic planning – have been key to the programme’s success to deliver value, adapt to challenges, embrace new opportunities, maintain quality and productivity, and remain sustainable in the long-term.

About the speaker

Sandra Mandic, PhD, PMP is a researcher with over twenty years of research experience in the transport and health sectors. Sandra’s personal and professional experiences span nine cities across five countries and three continents – including Europe, Canada, United States and New Zealand. She has experience of working in academia, government and business sectors. She is the founder and lead researcher on the award-winning BEATS Research Programme (2013-2023), an Adjunct Professor at Auckland University of Technology, and the Team Leader Transport Strategy at Wellington City Council. Sandra is also the founder and the director of the research consultancy AGILE Research Ltd., the creator of the Compass Guide Research Training resources and the author of three published Compass Guide books linking research and project management.

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