Waterloo Transit-Oriented Development PDA


This project originated from a roof scaffolding over Waterloo Station being deemed as approaching end of life. Due to the scale of the repair work, an investigation was requested into the viability of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) to the precinct. The emerging findings from the investigation suggested that Waterloo precinct would benefit from significant broader urban development outcomes through a TOD project.

The station is in a mainly residential area some distance from Hutt City CBD, and near to the ‘character village’ of Waterloo, which connects to the station precinct by subway.

The station site and buildings are relatively complex and the precinct covers a substantial parcel of real estate in the central Hutt Valley. Waterloo Station was originally designed to be a multi-purpose transport hub. Central to much of Lower Hutt, Waterloo has significant park and ride provision (779 car parks), bike and ride (79 storage spaces), pedestrian subways and overbridges, arterial roads and integrated bus connections.

Land holdings in the station precinct are held by Greater Wellington, Kiwirail and Hutt City Council.

The need to address infrastructure issues in the next 5-7 years, and make better use of prime land, is an ideal opportunity to prioritise Waterloo Redevelopment from a TOD perspective.


  • To support Hutt City’s urban development strategy through urban regeneration, and precinct development
  • To improve integration between transit, housing and community services
  • To enhance multi-modal access to the public transport network, and to create a transport-orientated catchment.
  • To achieve better outcomes by creating a healthy customer experience within the community and at the station, with an opportunity to stimulate the local economy.


PDA Partnership process – commenced July 2022
Commercial Development Study – commenced December 2022
Impacts Assessments – commenced February 2023
Public Engagement – commencing May 2023