Hakihea | December 2023

Kia ora koutou, and welcome to our final eNews of the year, featuring:

Programme Updates

  • Milestone: Draft Regional Emissions Reduction Plan Endorsed
  • WRLC December Meeting Papers
  • City Deals, Regional Deals, By Patrick McVeigh, Martin Jenkins

Thought Leadership Webinars – Recordings available:

    • Solutions to our Housing Crisis, Sam Stubbs & David Loveridge
    • GOD Help Us: Green-Oriented Design, Julian Bolleter & Alan Whiteley

Upcoming Webinars 2024

    • Chris Glaudel – Inclusionary Housing, 20 February 2024
    • Pete Russell Founder of Ooooby.com – Q1, 2024

Summer reading

  • Expert Article – Repurposing gardens from ornamental to edible
  • A Shared Future Report: Working with communities to adapt to climate change, WSP & Helen Clark Foundation
  • Navigating Critical 21st Century Transitions: Taituarā Report
  • Our Meri Kirihimete message to you all

Significant Milestone – Draft Regional Emissions Reduction Plan approved

A big milestone was achieved for the Wellington Region’s Emissions Reduction Plan on 5 December 2023. The Wellington Regional Leadership Committee endorsed the direction of the draft Plan and its focus areas at their December meeting.

Development of the plan has been a collaborative effort between local and central government, industry and sector groups, iwi, and the community. The purpose of the Plan is to focus on cross-region opportunities to reduce GHG emissions, and to identify the barriers to achieving these.

WRLC December 2023 Meeting Papers

The WRLC Committee met for their last meeting of the year on 5 December. Papers included the the Draft Regional Emissions Reduction Plan, Programme reporting, and Dual Chair options.

City Deals, Regional Deals

The new coalition government has confirmed the introduction of city and regional infrastructure deals, alongside the establishment of a new National Infrastructure Agency and a $1.2 billion Regional Infrastructure Fund.

While we are still waiting for fuller details on these policies initiatives, there are lessons from how the city and regional deal model has been applied in the UK and Australia.

In this presentation, Patrick McVeigh, Lead – People and Places at MartinJenkins draws upon his experience of city and regional deals overseas and provides some insights on what a deal is, and what it isn’t and what this might mean for Aotearoa and the Greater Wellington region.

Upcoming Thought Leader Webinars

We have some inspiring speakers and topics on the horizon. Do take advantage of these informative talks, which are usually 20-30 minutes, followed by Q&A.

Inclusionary Housing:

What is it and why should we take it seriously?
A Pathway forward for Aotearoa

12:00-1:00PM, TUES 20.02.24
Presenter: Chris Glaudel, Deputy CEO of Community Housing Aotearoa.

In this webinar, Chris Glaudel, Deputy CEO of Community Housing Aotearoa, will discuss the ‘what, why and how’ of Inclusionary Housing in Aotearoa, and how it offers a positive pathway forward out of our country’s housing crisis.

Affordable healthy homes are at the heart of strong communities. Like clean water, like hospitals, like transport, they are essential infrastructure in the lives of our people. And yet, a lack of affordable healthy housing is one of the biggest challenges facing Aotearoa today.

Done well, inclusionary housing is a powerful lever to address our affordable housing shortage.

The webinar will conclude with a Q&A with the speakers. We hope you will join us.

Latest webinar recordings

Innovative Solutions to our Housing Crisis

Sam Stubbs, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Simplicity NZ, and David Loveridge, Managing Director of Watson Group, shared their perspectives on the current state of housing in New Zealand, and discuss the principles that underpin a health housing stock.

Sam spoke to reliable funding for building and quality long-term rental homes, and Simplicity’s Homes and Income Investment Fund. David discussed the philosophy of building beautiful lives, places & communities, and the thesis that affordable housing IS urban infrastructure. A must-view for anyone interested in shaping a thriving future for our communities.

Navigating Complex Work Programmes

Innovation expert Daniel Hummerdal shared mindsets and tools for managing ambiguity, and finding opportunity in it.

Daniel shares approaches for managing power dynamics, opposing world views and mindsets, and creating collaboration where there is discord.

This webinar shares ideas to help you elevate your practice, and improve your and your stakeholders ability to see the bigger picture and act in service of that.

Summer Reading!

Some longform inspiration for those rainy days when you need a rest from the backyard cricket, water balloon fights, and painting Aunty Doris’ fence…

A Shared Future: Working with communities to adapt to a changing climate

This report from WSP and the Helen Clark Foundation, highlights a unique opportunity for positive social and economic transformation through climate adaptation.

Navigating Critical 21st Century Transitions

This must-read report by Taituarā, outlines five future transitions that council’s need to make, along with frameworks to structure thinking on the ‘how’.

“Ki te kahore he whakakitenga ka ngaro te iwi | Without foresight or vision the people will be lost.”

Repurposing gardens: ornamental to edible

Dr Barbara Ribeiro reimagines how to feed a city, with solutions for health, food costs and miles, enhanced biodiversity and social connection.

Home Video! The WRLC Work Programme Story – Year Two

For our 2nd annual forum this June we made a collaborative video to tell the story of our work through the voices of communities across the region (14min.)

Miri Kirimete from the WRLC Secretariat Team

Looking back, WRLC has achieved a lot this year. We have collaborated with hundreds and hundreds of people through project teams, webinars, workshops and meetings, on projects that all align with the objective of shaping a positive future for the people and environment of our region.

We want to take the opportunity to thank all of you for working with us to get the mahi done. Meri Kirihimete and we look forward to working with you next year.

~ Kim Kelly

Programme Director
WRLC Secretariat

About the Wellington Regional Leadership Committee

WRLC is a joint regional partnership which brings together Iwi leaders, Mayors, Ministers of Government, and an independent chair, to work collaboratively on cross-boundary, growth-related challenges in the Wellington-Wairarapa-Horowhenua region.

WRLC exists to find better ways of working together to cultivate a region where people want to live, work and thrive.

Our projects cover five broad key areas that are integral to our shared growth-related cross-boundary challenges. These five areas are iwi capacity, housing, climate, transport and economic development and recovery. Find out more about our work on our project page, and if you’d like to talk or collaborate – get in touch at hello@wrlc.org.nz.

Wellington Regional Leadership Committee

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