July Update: Regional Economic Development Plan


WellingtonNZ are driving implementation of our Regional Economic Development Plan. Current initiatives underway to develop our science, technology and engineering workforce include:

  • Summer of Engineering, an expansion of the successful Summer of Tech internship programme, facilitating recruitment of engineering students and graduates. Come along to an event at Engineering New Zealand from 4-5:30pm on Thursday 3 August to hear about how this programme can help your organisation secure engineering talent. For more information and to register click here.
  • The Technology Leadership Training Series, upskilling leadership teams from high-potential technology businesses across our region. The next event involves Craig Davis, the most sought-after coach for Australia’s scale-up companies, coming to our region to give people leaders at growing companies on opportunity to learn a new set of tools to enhance their leadership practice. Leaders and founders are encouraged to attend an evening session with Craig from 5-7pm on Wednesday 2 August. For more information and to register click here 
  • House of Science, an initiative to improve scientific literacy in primary and intermediate schools, is expanding to more schools across our region, inspiring future study and career choices. Check out this recent article from WellingtonNZ for more information click here.  House of Science relies on sponsorship to fund the resource kits. Local businesses and organisations who may like to be involved are encouraged to contact Cath.Randall@WellingtonNZ.com.

Please help to spread the word and share these initiatives and upcoming events with individuals, businesses and organisations in your network.

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