Progressing skills, talent and education across the region 

Current highlights of implementation of the Regional Economic Development Plan (REDP)

Image: A Year 5 student from Naenae School learning about environmental DNA with a House of Science resource kit

WellingtonNZ are driving implementation of the Regional Economic Development Plan (REDP) on behalf of the WRLC. Work is underway to implement the 33 initiatives within the REDP, with current highlights including progress on initiatives that contribute to skills, talent and education across our region. These include:

Pasifika business enablement

Louis Lagaluga Hutchings has joined WellingtonNZ for summer through the Tupu Toa Internship Programme. Louis is exploring options to grow the capability and capacity of Pasifika businesses and is keen to hear what support and/or programmes would be most useful as he identifies a shortlist of options. If you would like to connect with Louis for a talanoa/conversation about your ideas and experiences, please contact by 14 December.

House of Science

House of Science have a vast library of hands-on, bilingual science resource kits that enable thousands of primary school teachers across New Zealand to deliver life-changing science lessons. This addresses the challenge presented through 73% of primary schools not having an effective science programme in place as of 2013, and only 20% of 12 year-olds being at the expected curriculum level in science in 2017, making science the worst taught subject in our primary schools. House of Science New Zealand recently won the Royal Society of Chemistry’s (RSC) Horizon Prize for Education, a prestigious international award, in acknowledgement of this exceptional contribution to science education.

WellingtonNZ are working alongside House of Science New Zealand to secure funding to expand their programme to primary and secondary schools across our region. This is a long-term investment in developing our future science and technology workforce. If your organisation would be interested in an opportunity to sponsor this expansion, please contact

Summer of Engineering

WellingtonNZ have supported a pilot Summer of Engineering programme run by Summer of Tech and Engineering New Zealand to match mechanical engineering interns and graduates with employers. A total of 22 roles were available through the pilot and 11 have been filled to date. The programme provides necessary work experience to build our engineering workforce, helping to address current skills shortages, and will be expanded to the wider engineering industry next summer.

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