Navigating Complex Work Programmes

Daniel Hummerdal, Co-Founder – OpenChange.

10:00am, Monday 13 November 2023

In this webinar, innovation expert Daniel Hummerdal shared mindsets and tools that help to manage ambiguity, and find opportunity in it.

Daniel discussed helpful approaches for managing the power dynamics, opposing world views and mindsets, and for creating collaboration where there might be discord.

This webinar shared ideas for helping you to elevate your practice, and improve your and your stakeholders ability to see the bigger picture and act in service of that.

While the ideas in this webinar are valuable to anyone, it is particularly relevant to anyone who is part of, or manages a team involved with large work programme in public sector and local government.


Growth-related challenges are a tangled state of affairs that require long-term thinking in often short-term planning/funding/political cycles. How do we create synergy with diverse programme partners, across different regional groups and multiple politicians, where costs and benefits do not fall evenly?

Areas like transport, urban design, housing, food security and climate are fundamentally entangled and cannot be managed well in silos, separate geographies, or aligned reporting. Similarly, they don’t fit well under a big umbrella of, ‘Grand Plan To Solve Everything.’

This webinar is designed to help you embrace the complexity of change and introducing a progressive approach to people, and the change process.

To view the slides from the webinar, click here.

About OpenChange: 

At Open Change, we believe in the power and wisdom of people to address challenges that many experience, but no one can solve alone.  We help organisations design and build change strategies, develop and apply tools to increase participation and agency, and create strengths based approaches within and between those involved in programmes.  This additional article explores ways to immerse leaders into the complexity.

About Daniel Hummerdal

In his early career as a pilot, Daniel questioned the role and opportunity of humans in the system. An insatiable curiosity led him to retrain as a psychologist. This unique combination of skills catapulted him into influential innovation roles across the globe, from Sweden to France, Australia, the UK and New Zealand.

Dedicated to the holistic betterment of society, Daniel’s work is firmly anchored in humanistic beliefs, and that the potential for positive change wants to come through all of us.

Daniel recently co-founded OpenChange an agency dedicated to supporting people and organisations to build capability to thrive.

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