Webinar: Forget Silos, Think Jigsaws

Building Resilient Communities with Reciprocity and Mutual Benefit

11am, Thursday 6 April 2023

Like many work programmes, The Wellington Regional Leadership Committee’s work programme exists within a complex system of interrelated issues and stakeholders. How do we make this work effectively, collectively, to deliver impact? 

This webinar by Ian Leader (www.dottwodot.co.nz) speaks to a holistic framing of our communities as jigsaws rather than siloes, and with theory and real life examples, he proves that, the better each piece understands its purpose (Why, How and What) and connections with the pieces around it, the stronger the individual piece and overall picture.

Recent events have highlighted how quickly everything we thought we understood about our neighbourhood, part of the world, place of work, etc can change.

(Re)Building local communities and economies requires a move away from the traditional series of siloes (business, community, government, philanthropy) doing things to, for and at each other, to creating jigsaws that consciously aim for mutual success, prosperity and resilience.

In this webinar, Ian will draw upon his 25+ years in the world of social responsibility, local economic development and relationship brokerage to explore the construct of communities as jigsaws.  And because theoretical musings don’t always deliver real change, he’ll also introduce some practical tools and tactics for operating in a jigsaw.


For the last 30 years or so, Ian has worked in, with and between local government, business, education, philanthropy and the community. His career has spanned a variety of fields including child and youth development, NGO capability and capacity-building, the disability sector and even a brief stint in the music industry.  However, Ian’s passion remains firmly seated in social enterprise, social responsibility and social innovation.  He is particularly focused on how the various parts of our communities can work together for mutual benefit and resilience, and the people, roles and organisations who make this happen.

Ian is co-founder and Director of Social Impact for Dot Two Dot, a Brand and PR agency focused on defining brands with purpose and action.  He has held a number of volunteer roles over the years and is currently a Business Mentor with Business Mentors NZ.  In 2012, Ian was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship, Rotary International’s highest award for services to the community.

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