Roundtable Discussion:
Rapid Climate Action by Local Authorities

Wednesday 15 February 2023

WRLC and WSP NZ had the pleasure of co-hosting David Symons, the Director of Sustainability UK, and Future Ready® Global Leader WSP, for an early (!) breakfast meeting and roundtable discussion, in mid-February.

In spite of the early hour, and potential jetlag, David enthusiastically shared global case studies and insights from his work in the UK where legislated and rapidly decreasing carbon budgets are driving targeted carbon mitigation. The discussion (starts at that 12 minute mark) also enabled the valuable opportunity to deep dive into learnings from Coventry (England, UK) and Clean Growth projects.

In this recording, David speaks to the framework that WSP uses with municipalities to address climate action: ‘Lead, Enable, Inspire’.  He also describes what these three levels of action look like with real examples.

Key takeaways expanded on in this talk, all areas worthy of deeper exploration in New Zealand, are:

  1. Jobs and growth
  2. “How” is as important as “what”
  3. Embed climate action into policies and plans
  4. A combination of public and private finance
  5. Use your position to lead.

To view his slides click here.

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